Not guarantee certificate on-line (non gage en ligne)



Not guarantee certificate on-line (certificat de non gage en ligne) Contrary to widespread belief, getting a certificate of non pledge(certificat de non gage) before the sale of a second user automobile could be a terribly straightforward operation that may be performed in some ways. what is more associate degree application window of a prefecture, Ministry of the inside offers a web edition via Teleservices.


Teleservices, accessible on the web site of the Ministry of Interior or different government via portals like is a web platform for redaction or getting ready documents for papers. Additionally to the pre-change requests grey card holder and watching of shipping delays for a brand new record book, the foremost widespread service is that the certificate not guarantee(certificat de non gage voiture), that provides live the dear document. Merely to bring the registration card of the vehicle involved and follow the directions on the screen. The document is written in 5 minutes. To know more about pledge certificate request not guarantee (demande de certificat de non gage) visit


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